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3870 X2 Water Block PDF Print E-mail
Written by [DD]JERM   
Sunday, 27 January 2008 15:26

Just to let you know...we will have this available soon...this is just one of the prototypes and the final photos and product should be available in 5-7 business days!



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New CPU and Chipsets Are Here! PDF Print E-mail
Written by [DD]JERM   
Wednesday, 07 November 2007 05:52

New for the Multi-Core and Multi-Die CPU's out on the market (Intel Quad Core's) is the Danger Den MC-TDX waterblock. The micro structure of the 240 Heat Dissipating Columns covers the the locations of all the CPU dies/cores allowing maximum cooling.


reflection-600w.jpg mc-tdx-775-top-1-600w.jpg


  And the New MPC-Chipset series is powerful enought to cool CPU's allowing significant head room for the chipset cooling.  These blocks will push your overclocks to new potentials!




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8800GT News PDF Print E-mail
Written by [DD]JERM   
Tuesday, 30 October 2007 03:24

Just to update everyone:


The MAZE5GPU Standard and Low Profile will fit the 8800GT.  You will need RAMsinks for the RAM and the voltage regulators (about 14 total). 


There will be a new full coverage block and the design is a couple days from being finalized.  Then it will go through the machine process.  Hopefully late next week! 

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New Products Rolling In PDF Print E-mail
Written by [DD]JERM   
Saturday, 13 October 2007 03:49

The PC Chill has arrived!  So we will be releasing it with some really "cool" deals. 


There is now an acrylic version of our Delrin T's and 90's for that really custom look!


And finally some blocks that we've been patiently working on are just about ready to be mentioned.  In the next 7-10 days we'll be rolling out a couple new blocks to help improve performance on many of your custom systems.  :)

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HD 2900 XT Block - Soon! PDF Print E-mail
Written by [DD]JERM   
Thursday, 26 July 2007 08:44

We are finally getting some production units for the ATI HD 2900 XT off our machines!  It is one of the most complex time consuming (almost 90 minutes for the block and RAMsink) products we've machined for watercooling!


It will be up early next week in very limited quantities. 



r600-top-original.jpg r600-back-original.jpg

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