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How's this for a build?

#1 4 years, 8 months ago
Hi all, Iv'e compiled a short n simple build for my first gaming rig.
Lemme know how it looks and if it's compatible, feel free to make changes (Please nothing over 1.2k)
Optical drive
Hard drive
Graphics cards (x2)
Please feel free to make any changes / suggest better parts (Ram is overkill, if you can make it go anything UNDER 1.2k i'm happy) ;)!
360 Radiator
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Re: How's this for a build?

#2 4 years, 7 months ago
You have a P67 board, good choice. But the Sata 2 SSD? why not Sata 3 instead?

I would get a 128Gb SSD instead of the 60. Windows 7 and 2 games maybe will fit on that. Go for the 128GB. And get a 500gb Black Caviar instead.

Get 4 sticks of 2 GB instead of 16gb. Unless you coding or editing you dont need that much.

On the video card. Get a 7970 instead of the two 6950's. You are about to spend the same amount and the 7970 may be slower but it will have 3gb of memory and you can X-fire later and crush games. Not like it wont already but 2 cards imo not worth 1 card performance. Maybe if the 2 cards would beat the 7970 maybe.
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