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This case is the one currently being used by the company 'Smooth Creations' for their 'LANShark' series computers, along with Danger Den water cooling systems. The only difference is custom cutting to have SC instead of DD over the fans and an unbelievable paintjob. The overall build quality of the case is very good. The case is very well constructed and cut, with a sturdy feel for being made out of acrylic. Just don't forget that it is acrylic. I do have to give minor fault to the nuts on all the structural screws. If you remove any of those screws, be very careful since the nuts are free to slide and fall. The side panel was also overly tight and difficult to remove but chances are this is an effect of the paint job and not Danger Den's work. The UV Blue motherboard tray and panels are nice looking with in case black lights, though only minorly reactive. However, when under the effect of a full size black light they glow a very nice blue. This is not a ding on Danger Den, just pointing out that in case black lights lack enough power to make the most of the UV reactive panels. Despite its small size, the case handles a 1000w power supply, 3.5" HDD, two 2.5" SSDs, GTX 285, water cooling, three 12" cold cathodes, two 8" cold cathodes, and their controllers with plenty of open room for air flow. Just be careful with your wiring and you'll be fine. I would love to talk about appearance, but mine showed up with a custom multi-layer paint job. The combined effect of the case and paint job is a work of art so I whole heartedly recommend getting this case custom painted.
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