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I bought a DD - Water Box Plus in 2007 and it has held up quite well. Overall, I am happy with the case, but it is not a piece of cake to work with. The issues I've run into over the years are: 1. Upgrades and changes to components inside the case are not easy. In some cases, almost a complete disassembly will be required (hard disks in particular). 2. This thing will accumulate dust fairly quickly and cleaning is not easy. Since the case is clear, you probably don't want a bunch of clumps of dust showing. I hope you have a powerful air compressor, you're going to need it and patience to keep this thing clean. 3. No provisioning for external radiators/tubing. I run two passive Zalmann radiators and run the tubing external. Zalmann does have tubing and slot covers that can be used, but I don't like it because it make maintenance too difficult. What I did was cut a 'rib' out of one of the air vents in the upper-left of the back (above the ATX back plate connector mask where the keyboard, usb, network ports are). I route tygon tubing through that area and it's big enough to pull the tubes with their connector nipples through. 4. All sides of the case are held together with screws and nuts. Generally this works pretty good, although some of the holes are slightly out of alignment and you have to keep everything loose until you get all of them together, then tighten them all. This is tedious. Also it is very easy to accidentally knock a nut into the assembled case during the close up, and then you have to disassemble a side to get one nut out - so take care to avoid wasted time.
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DD - 9800GX2 Block
DD - 9800GX2 Block
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The DD-9800GX2 is designed to provide maximum cooling for the NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2 Video Cards the new King of Speed!

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SKU GPU-6750
Weight 3.10 lbs
Price: $209.95

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