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What can I say about this block? A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever. Definitely holds true for this product! The ease of assembly is a HUGE plus also. This was/(is) (still is just one block at a time) my first attempt at water cooling and I was able to assemble and install with little trouble. I think the only two problems I had were A. actually getting the initial housing off of the GTX. I was so concerned that I was going to break the card in the process. A quick call to Denís support put my mind at ease and resolved that though. Incidentally, for those like me that have no experience with removing the GTX housing, let it be said that when you are removing the plastic assembly, as long as you have CONFIRMED that you have removed all the screws (screws that hold down the fan itself, not necessary to take off. I know cause that is how paranoid I was; I went ahead and removed them too)! It does take a bit of elbow grease to get it off. Consider all of the places you need to re-apply the thermal compound, that stuff keeps it in place pretty well. And B. The other issue I had was leak testing. Now this, I think should come with the instructions. Because I was so eager to assemble the card, I never did a leak test. My test was to plug it in put a paper towel @ the bottom of the case, check every couple of minutes, and hope for the best. I did see a topic on leak testing on the forum that I believe suggests submerging the block in water and look for bubbles but I already had put it together by then. Everything works beautifully now but I do think that there really should be more on that subject beyond a sentence stating that you should Leak test. I spent a good deal of time searching different forums on the subject but there really isnít a great deal on the subject yet everyone agrees it is a vital step. NOW I wouldnít even bother writing this mini novel if it wasnít for the bar none, hands down, fantastic customer service/support. I wouldnít even know how great the product was because I would have gone with Zalmanís solution. Dan, (Mr. Den)? spent more time and effort than I deserved trying to help me with my solution and itís because of that and that alone that I opted to get this block. Even after all his work, I had to go with the Zalman RESERVATOR XT for my pump, radiator, reservoir, and because itís included in the kit, processor block. Even after he gave detailed solutions and learned that I opted for a competitorís product, he continued to be friendly and supportive. Itís because of THAT and nothing else, I felt a sense of ÖwellÖ obligation to get SOMETHING and I am glad I did! With continuing my water solution build he has given frank, open and honest advise even as far as suggesting that I NOT get a particular block because it was superfluous. That the Striker Extreme does an adequate job in cooling what I thought I should get a block for. How many times do you hear from a business, DONíT spend your money on OUR product, you really donít need it. Itís things like that I respect, gives me a sense that if this person says that I need this type of solution, I am going to tend to take him at his word. So thanks Den and Dan, you may be costing me hundreds of buck, before all is said and done, but at least I know I am getting the best solution from a staff that will stand behind their products!
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DD / Laing DDC 3.25 -12V 18 Watt Version
DD / Laing DDC 3.25 -12V 18 Watt Version
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A new more powerful verions of the DDC pump. This pump lasts longer, consumes less power and offers superior performance characteristics when compared to other pumps in its class.

Weight 1.50 lbs
Price: $89.95

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Tubing Adaptor

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