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Excellent case, especially if you are looking for something a little more portable. I went from a CM HAF-X, which I could barely move... A few things that might save you a headeache... The fans you need are 120mmx25mm - DO NOT get 35mm or 38mm, you will run into your HDD's. Also, the fans need to have an 'open' screw hole, not a closed. This is due to how DD has you mount the fans. When it comes to video cards, make sure you know how long they are. You have about 12 inches to work with AFTER you put the fans in. That 12 inches includes your power connector(s). On-the-side power is preferable, however this case is set-up in a BTX config, so your spacing will be tight against the back wall. For CPU cooling, you actually have a surprising amount of room available to you, though you won't be able to drop some massive tower style cooler. To give you an idea of performance in this case...I am using the following: Foxxcon H67S Mobo Core i5 2500k (Sandy Bridge) 8GB RipJaws @ 1333 Crucial 64GB SSD (SATA III) WD Caviar Green 2TB ASUS 5850 1GB Overall, this machine is performing better than a lot of my Crossfire rigs. I would probably change out my card for a 560Ti now that they are available. Same performance, but are about 2 inches shorter than the 5850. Fun Build, HIGHLY Recommended!
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